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Manage Your Social Media With Hootsuite

Social media can be used in your personal and professional life. In both cases it may be necessary to manage multiple accounts and you will soon feel the annoyance of switching from one social profile to another… You may even feel the frustration of switching between profiles (or pages) within a social network but don’t […]

Dark Social

Dark Social – The Hidden Side Of Social Sharing

Vacations. We’re always thinking about our next vacations, aren’t we? So imagine the following scenario: while you’re at work, you decide to search for hotels in a specific destination and one of them turns out to look like a great deal. You decide to share the hotel website with your family to get some feedback but […]


ClickSummit – Marketing and Online Sales

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Como seguir centenas de blogs e websites sem perder o fio à meada

How to follow hundreds of blogs and websites

In this e-book I explain everything you need to know about Digg Reader, a free tool that allows you to subscribe feeds and thus comfortably follow hundreds of blogs and websites.



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